Test Automation Accelerator: CI/CD continuous testing

Test Automation Accelerator: CI/CD continuous testing
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April 14, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Test Automation

Although Time-to-Market a crucial driver for product success, it is also essential to simultaneously deal with requirement changes in order to consistently satisfy customer needs. It’s mandatory to set up a development and testing structure that quickly reacts to changes, monitoring the quality of the product to maintain the highest standards. One of the best practices to deliver top-quality products, satisfying the time-to-market constraints is to embrace a “quality mindset” based on a continuous testing strategy, from the early development stage until the production deployment. This approach is based on Agile philosophy pillars and it is the core part of the DevOps set of practices: Test Automation is a key player to enable this mindset transformation and evolution. In this session, we will present the new technological evolution of the Reply Test Automation Framework, which is already a key asset of the current Concept Reply Quality business offer: the NEW Test Automation Accelerator represents the ‘plug and test’ approach on the CI/CD chain. It allows clients to have continuous testing benefits easily and repeatably by directly integrating the monitoring and control of changing software, enabling the customer feedback chain and saving development/deployment time relying on AI and Deep Learning techniques and algorithms.

Why Attend

The webinar will give you insights on how the practices of CI/CD can be implemented and enriched with the new version of the Reply Test Automation framework. Automation is the next pillar you need to embrace to reach the DevOps goal (and all its benefits in terms of product high quality and fast delivery). This session will clarify how Reply Concept Quality Test Automation Centre will boost the Agile transformation of product development with the “Plug & Test” solution. Quality Assurance is made easy and smart with Test Automation!

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