The Future of Software and Infrastructure Development: AWS CDK - Part I

April 27, 2020
from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM  

AWS cloud development kit

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a key aspect for the development of cloud projects. The AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) is a software development framework for defining the cloud infrastructure using source code and making it available through AWS CloudFormation.

The new CDK completely changes the application and infrastructure development currently being built with IaC. The new approach is programming instead of declaring infrastructure components (e.g. networks, virtual machines, managed services). This leads to more reusable, understandable and testable code for your infrastructure.

Webinar overview

In this Webinar held by Storm Reply, attendees get a general overview of Infrastructure as Code and the AWS Cloud Development Kit:

  • Understand AWS' powerful tool for writing, testing and reusing cloud projects in common programming languages such as Java, Typescript or Python.
  • Learn, how to set up a complete infrastructure consisting of many hundreds of servers including the software to be rolled out on them within a very short time.

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