The Intranet Dilemma

The Intranet Dilemma
Event Info
May 26, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Webinar Overview

Are intranets still effective? In this webinar, our trainers will look at today's intranets, particularly drilling down into their importance inside companies and then moving beyond, exploring market trends and trying to get out of the box. The webinar will cover topics such as employee communication trends, enterprise social networks and digital workplace solutions, as well as mobile apps and virtual reality application. The goal is to frame an overview of internal communications solutions and investigate new market opportunities.

Why Attend

As technology keeps evolving, so does the workplace. In the same way, employee communications continuously change to match the needs of companies and their workforces. In this webinar, Avvio Reply and its experts are gonna explore with you the internal communication market, the new solutions behind it, the unexpected alternative products so far developed to respond to specific needs and requirements effectively. Plus, they will show you concretely how internal communication strategies can support the adoption of new digital tools inside a company to make it a successful.

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