The new era of Corporate Video Platform. Connect employees, customers and stakeholders

October 26, 2021
from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM  

Webinar Overview

A large part of the activities related to corporate sharing and the reduction of face-to-face meetings stimulated people to find a digital way for common practices.

The evolution of internal com finds in the Digital a new life and a new level of employee engagement in the large structured organizations.

A unique video content platform, where informational-educational materials are always available for the employees, increases the sense of identity and the effectiveness of spreading corporate culture, reducing dispersion and preserving, at once, the complete control over the message.

Why Attend

In the corporate life, digital sociability has become the new normal, and growing the corporate culture is the challenge to be faced.

With today’s webinar, we will discuss the evolution of our Live Video Platform and the development of increasingly performing tools to make a digital event accessible and interactive (inside/outside the company), feeding networking and community through live streaming and on-demand solutions.

A corporate video platform is also able to become an effective marketing tool. The next step is creating strategic content meant for use outside the company, a process that transforms companies into media companies, content creators of hybrid formats designed to generate new connections and new spaces of visibility for partners and sponsors.

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