The Onboarding experience: a call for Digital Transformation

The Onboarding experience: a call for Digital Transformation
Event Info
September 14, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CEST

Webinar Overview

The goal of the session is to illustrate digital customer onboarding as it evolves in the current world scenario with a particular focus on financial institutions. We want to help customers understand emerging opportunities, technologies, best practice, as well as an awareness some of the recurring pitfalls they may come across.

Since, according to some recent studies, digital onboarding is identified as the greatest area of ​​weakness, a digital presence represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the banking sector.

Why Attend

Digital customer onboarding is an essential process for many businesses, especially banks and financial institutions.

The session is innovative and interesting for future participants as it presents and describes a new and increasingly decisive scenario for companies in this specific period in which we are living, providing an overview of a process, the implementation of which is increasingly sought by most of our clients.

For financial institutions, in particular, it is important to rationalise the onboarding processes to satisfy various customer segments and ensure adequate infrastructural support in terms of capacity, costs and operating efficiencies; this, from a purely technological point of view, opens the door to many possibilities, first of all to the integration of open banking financial technology via traditional core systems.

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