The reshaping of Digital Financial Value Chains

The reshaping of Digital Financial Value Chains
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November 18, 2021
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM CET

About this event

New digital financial value chains are emerging, driven by the increasing number of blockchain-based initiatives, such as Bitcoin, Tokens and De-Fi. Public Institutions, Central Banks and Regulators are working to understand the size and features of the phenomenon, providing alternatives and/or limiting its widespread. On the currency side, the European Central Bank has started experimenting with the Digital Euro, while, on the asset and market infrastructure side, fintech projects are booming. These initiatives aim to exploit blockchain and smart contracts technology to make market access more efficient and democratic. 

The panel discusses the following topics:

  • Where do we stand? 
  • What is the role for existing players in payment chains and financial operators? 
  • What are the potential benefits for citizens?


The debate is hosted by Andrea Frollà, journalist for la Repubblica, and the panelists are Corrado Passera, CEO at illimity, Gian Maria Mossa, CEO at Banca Generali, Roberto Catanzaro, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at Nexi, Chiara Frigerio, Associate Professor at Università Cattolica – Deputy Secretary at CeTIF, Claudio Bombonato, Executive Officer Reply and Roberto Tognoni, Executive Partner Reply.

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