The Science of Customer Experience: Process Mining to Enhance Customer Journey

The Science of Customer Experience: Process Mining to Enhance Customer Journey
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October 20, 2023
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM CEST

Optimizing the Customer Journey

This session explores the emerging field of Customer Journey Mining: the process of analyzing customer interactions and behavior to gain insights into an entire customer's experience with a product or service. This analysis allows companies to understand a customer's journey through various touchpoints, from the initial interaction to the purchase and beyond. Understanding the intricate relationship between business process execution and customer loyalty is essential to driving meaningful change in organizations.

The challenge: The processes underlying the customer journey have a profound impact on customer satisfaction. However, this relationship between customer journey and customer satisfaction is often intransparent. Averaged sentiment values from customers that consolidate feedback are often not enough to provide detailed insights.


In this session, Sprint Reply analyzes a data-driven use case that demonstrates benefits of Customer Journey Mining in connection with increasing customer satisfaction. Learn from the experts how you can leverage the synergies of Process Mining and experience management software to optimize and improve your customer interactions.


Why attend?

Innovative Approach: Dive deep into the concept of Customer Journey Mining, a groundbreaking integration of Process Mining and experience management.

Practical Insights: Gain practical insights from a success story.

Optimize Customer Experience: Learn how to optimize processes and enhance customer satisfaction for a more loyal customer base.


Join this session with Sprint Reply and understand the direct correlation between business processes and customer satisfaction and learn how to make the customer journey more transparent and actionable. Discover how to go beyond average customer satisfaction and perform in-depth feedback analysis. Gain insights into the latest tools and software that can revolutionize your customer experience strategy and arm yourself with strategies to overcome common challenges in optimizing the customer journey.



Dmytro Meshcheriakov
Senior Consultant
Sprint Reply

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