The state of the art in Supply Chain Collaboration

The state of the art in Supply Chain Collaboration
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May 26, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CEST

Procurement Trends 2022: Appointment #4 of 6

Procurement processes can be divided into 2 macro phases: upstream and downstream. To understand the difference, think of a Formula 1 team: you have the team preparing the car for the competition (the upstream) and the team supporting the driver during the race (downstream).

Supply Chain Collaboration is a basic downstream process. It requires speed, efficiency, and quick reactions.

In our Third Webinar, we will show you the best practices to manage Supply Chain Collaboration and win your race!

Why attend

Join this webinar and you will take away:

  • State of the art in Supply Chain Collaboration tools: an overview of the existing technical landscape, with an overview of the best existing technologies
  • Supply Chain Processes: we will provide a holistic overview of both traditional and Supply Chain processes in order to define a standard framework.
  • Use Cases: we will show you 2 real use cases, just to give you a flavor of how it works!

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