UK Financial Institutions Dealing with Outsourcing and Third Party Providers – What next?

June 25, 2020
from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM  


In the midst of a global pandemic and continued market and geopolitical volatility, let’s not forget about the evolving regulatory developments and outsourcing requirements applicable to financial institutions

The UK supervisory authority (PRA) revised the deadline for response to their Outsourcing and Third Party Risk Management Consultation Paper to October 1st 2020, an additional 6 months. The regulators are aware of the current priorities financial institutions have, but they are also keen to gather more insights on how firms have approached outsourcing activities in the current environment. 

This webinar has been designed to assist the boards and senior management of UK financial institutions to better understand the regulatory expectations in relation to Outsourcing and Third Party Risk Management. Likewise, it gives an opportunity to learn from the panel membersraise concerns and ask questions on how to get the most out of the outsourcing process in this unprecedented time of change.

What will you learn?

In this webinar, attendees will have the chance to: 

  • Gain insights from our key speaker who represented the PRA at the European Banking Authority expert group (which developed the 2019 Outsourcing Guidelines)
  • Hear directly from one of the policy-makers in the UK, how the supervisory authority expects firms to approach Outsourcing and Third Party Risk Management
  • Understand from industry experts best practice examples on managing outsourcing and third party relationships, whilst navigating and withstanding the challenges ahead

Participate in the panel discussion by addressing questions to our panel members

This webinar promises to be a unique online event, with an insightful presentation followed by a Q&A panel discussion with our guest speakers.



17:00 – 17:05 BST: Opening Remarks
Karine Marechal, Associate Partner, e*Finance Consulting Reply, UK

17:05 – 17:25 BST: Presentation on the topic of Outsourcing from one of the policy-makers
Orlando Fernandez, Senior Technical Specialist, Governance & Remuneration Team, Bank of England/PRA

17:25 – 18:00 BST: Panel Discussion and Q&A (moderated by Karine Marechal, e*Finance Consulting Reply, UK) 
Orlando Fernandez, Senior Technical Specialist, Governance & Remuneration Team, Bank of England/PRA 
Ian Burgess, Director, Cyber & Third Party Risk, UK Finance
Angela Johnson de Wet, Head of Risk for IT Change and New Technologies, Lloyds Banking Group

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