UX Maturity Levels - Why, What and How

UX Maturity Levels - Why, What and How
Event Info
November 23, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CET

Maturity Models for User Experience Efforts

In this webinar, Triplesense Reply explains and discusses maturity models for user experience efforts in organizations. Firstly, the Digital Experience experts introduce the UX maturity levels of Nielsen Norman and compare them to similar maturity stages from other sources. Secondly, they evaluate how those models help to identify strengths and weaknesses of UX teams. Thirdly, they have a look on CX maturity models and you understand how they relate to UX maturity as discussed before. Finally, they turn back to the user research maturity model of Jared Spool to focus on the key success factor for all UX and CX initiatives.

Session Overview

If you ever wondered how to make user experience an organizational advantage this webinar is a must for you. Learn how to assess your UX efforts and how to build a winning strategy for your UX team. Join the discussion of what user and customer experience really means if we take the two seriously.

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