Vehicle lifecycle certification with AWS Blockchain

Vehicle lifecycle certification with AWS Blockchain
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September 28, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:15 PM CEST

About this webinar

Blockchain technology creates a trustworthy and transparent network among all the parties involved in the production of vehicles enables the certification of data collected from heterogeneous devices.

In the automotive sector, one of the use cases that benefit from blockchain technology is vehicle lifecycle and parts certification. This process verifies each step in the lifecycle of a vehicle, from the moment the components are gathered, up to when the vehicle is produced, sold to the dealer, bought, repaired and, finally, decommissioned.

The tracking of vehicles and spare parts starts in the supply chain and continues through to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and dealers. A network of decentralized and immutable ledgers is then created so that the tracking of information is accessible to all parties. Tracking all spare parts is important for the brand reputation of carmakers and manufacturers since it allows them to guarantee that each component comes from a trusted source and is not counterfeit.

The webinar will use concrete examples to explore how blockchain technology can benefit all players in the automotive market: car makers, spare part suppliers, dealers, repair workshops, car owners and drivers.

During the session will be also presented an overview of the technical solution, implemented on AWS Cloud, and will be explained the reference architecture of the underlying infrastructure, together with the AWS services selected for implementation.

Why Attend

In only 15 minutes customers will learn how using a blockchain can be of value to their business.

Moreover, the benefits of exploiting advanced AWS services to build a scalable and secure architecture in the cloud will be identified and explained.

Finally, customers will understand how an AWS Premier Partner can leverage its expertise to help with the design of a Cloud architecture compliant with the AWS Well Architected Framework.


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Partner Solutions Architect

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