Voice Authentication and Verification

Voice Authentication and Verification
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November 9, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CET

A secure Voice Authentication

This entertaining session introduces participants to the world of voice authentication. With the rapid rise in acceptance of voice interfaces, it's inevitable that the underlying applications will have functions requiring secure communications. In addition to the usual challenges posed to system architects when designing a secure environment, voice interfaces offer new hurdles. Entering a PIN number or typing in a password are events which can be executed with a level of relative secrecy and are unequivocal – being entered either correctly or incorrectly.

What would you do on the phone, in a crowded room or at the supermarket if you were forced to shout out your password as a form of authentication? Nothing at all, in all probability! There is however increasing demand for secure voice authentication – and the methods and technologies involved are becoming more reliable. Hands-free operations are the way of the future, let’s find out how to make them secure.

Particularly in automotive scenarios, there is great potential for hands-free operations, even outside the vehicles. Over and above gaining access in situations in which drivers have their hands full of groceries, other cases come into play, such as car-sharing or other rental transactions.

Session Overview

Join this Triplesense Reply session and

  • learn which (often hidden) applications and usage scenarios currently exist, for example in call centres.
  • gain insights into risk management and the level of security in terms of authentication.
  • get an overview of common identity management with Amazon Alexa with a live demo.

Finally, the experts from Triplesense Reply take a look at biometric technologies as part of multi-factor authentication methods.

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