WeChat: How to leverage China Top 1 Social Media for Marketing Automation

WeChat: How to leverage China Top 1 Social Media for Marketing Automation
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April 13, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

Insights into Marketing Automation for the Chinese Market

Multinational companies mostly equipped themselves with best-in-class marketing cloud solutions like Oracle Eloqua to gain a complete view on their customer data and to optimize their marketing strategy even further. But what does optimization mean when talking about conquering the Chinese market?

Talking about the Chinese market, it is a must to mention WeChat. WeChat® 微信® counts over 1.2 billion active monthly users (Statista, 2020) and is one of the most important channels in China. It is the channel to connect with your potential and existing customers.

China is the world´s second largest economy with a cultural and technological distinctiveness, which is very different from any other country in the world. Existing marketing campaigns are failing to engage with customers on the common channels such as Email, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

In order to be successful in China, multinational companies shall not only make sure that content supports the social-cultural context, but also that communication takes place on the relevant channels such as WeChat.

WeChat – The Way to Communicate in China

The integration of Oracle Eloqua and WeChat enables multinational companies to unlock the potential of lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns also for China. Like Reply experts run an interactive session to explain what WeChat is, how to leverage it for global companies and where to start if you wish to utilize it. Stay tuned!

Join this Like Reply Webinar to get

• Insights of reasons why marketing strategy needs adaptation for China

• An introduction of the WeChat ecosystem

• Starting tips for new starters of WeChat with Eloqua

• Information of current challenges for multinational companies when expanding marketing activities to China


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