Which Skills are needed for an efficient digital workplace?

Which Skills are needed for an efficient digital workplace?
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May 12, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

About this webinar

For the majority of us, the traditional workplace has become a digital workplace.

Some organisations have been addressing this issue for some years now, but for everyone there are still many challenges to be faced.

First of all, digital workspaces needs to be redesigned, in order to become better spaces for collaboration and meetings, environments in which people can gain experience and stimulate creativity and innovation. Working in a truly smart way will also be fundamental for a work-life balance.

Therefore, it will be important to redesign new ways of working that are increasingly people-centred and engaging. Corporate culture needs increasingly to base its roots on constant upskilling and reskilling and user-friendly technology.

It will therefore be necessary to invest in training, culture and technology by facilitating the employability of people and by enabling new skills and experiences that support an environment not limited by time or space.

Why attend

A Digital Workplace capable of truly innovating the way of working needs a strategy allowing for the hand in hand improvement of technological advancement and training of people, effectiveness of individual productivity and improvement of collective results.

This webinar will provide you with some key elements that are useful for:

  • develop the skills necessary to work effectively in a Digital Workplace;
  • find new ways of engaging and motivating people;
  • facilitating the availability of information and knowledge sharing.

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