Windows Virtual Desktop I: How it works

Windows Virtual Desktop I: How it works
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May 29, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CEST


Agile, fast, secure and scalable - In times of digital change not only servers but also desktops are being virtualized. The Virtual Desktop infrastructure offers users many advantages, such as reduced costs, agility and speed.

You already have a Microsoft license? Then you can use Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) for free. WVD allows you to combine all apps and desktops from different operating systems into a single, easy-to-understand interface. This allows you to take full advantage of Office 365 ProPlus with multiple users simultaneously, gives you access to a simplified interface for your IT administrators, and allows you to scale set-up, software distribution and user interfaces much faster.

Why attend?

Learn all about the Windows Virtual Desktop in the first part of this webinar with the experts from Cluster Reply:


  • What is Windows Virtual Desktop?
  • What are the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop?
  • How are security and software regulated?
  • How do you work with Windows Virtual Desktop?

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