X-RAIS as a support for COVID-19 diagnosis

April 28, 2020
from 2:30 PM to 3:15 PM  


Laife Reply has designed and developed X-RAIS, a deep learning-based solution that analyzes medical images and highlights suspicious anomalies, supporting the physicians during clinical decision processes. In this session, we showed how X-RAIS can be specialized on chest CT imaging in order to improve the diagnosis of COVID-19.

Key topics

This Webinar was dedicated to lovers of Artificial Intelligence and its application to Healthcare. In particular, it was presented how X-RAIS is already applied to mammography, suggesting suspicious and malignant lesions at reporting phase time. Moreover, it was presented how XRAIS can be specialized on chest CT in order to improve the diagnosis of COVID-19 and reduce the workload of radiologists in this particularly difficult and hectic period.

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