Automating Security Testing

Automating Security Testing
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November 27, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CET

Your Defense has a Gap and we will find it, automatically

In this session Spike Reply provides an overview on AI based breach and attack simulation including advice on how to leverage threat intelligence. Learn about the benefits of using a blend of professional services and managed services to reduce your attack surface. Point-in-time testing or annual testing is not enough to keep with the fast-changing business which is marked by agile methods, changing structures (DevOps) and the complexity of technologies.

Continued discovery, scanning, testing, monitoring and remediation is a must to close gaps and reduce attack surface. There are several vendors with different approaches. Some focus on attack surface discovery and testing, others on continued vulnerability and remediation management, and still others on deception and threat intelligence services.

Why attend?

Learn about the benefits of using a blend of professional services and managed services to reduce your attack surface.

  • What is breach and attack simulation?
  • Get a market overview of different approaches and benefits.
  • Why is there a need for such solutions?
  • What is the business value of such solutions?

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