Addressing customers specifically and efficiently with SAP Marketing Cloud

November 17, 2020
from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM  

SAP Marketing Cloud

Eternal searches for the right customer target group involving almost all company divisions and still the feeling of not addressing the right target group? Always the uncertainty whether the customer data is valid, whether opt-ins are correct and afterwards the feeling of having made a campaign "flying blind" without any usable analysis?

That should no longer be the case in 2020. In this webinar the Power Reply experts give insights into the SAP Marketing Cloud.

Webinar overview

Address your respective target group quickly and individually, automate your processes intelligently, and win back customers before your competitors realize that they wanted to leave. We show you how:

  • Really understand the customer
  • 360° customer view with marketing
  • Digital dunning
  • Automated customer recovery
  • Fast Track Power Template

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