Cloud Experiences with SAP

In these knowledge sharing sessions Reply presents SAP’s cloud solutions for current business requirements. Reply experts explain how to use AI and other cloud tools from SAP to make customer data and communication with customers more efficient.

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Webinar Series

Get to know the SAP Sales Cloud Update 2205
May 25, 2022
4:00 PM ‐ 4:45 PM CEST
Syskoplan Reply presents the new features of the SAP Sales Cloud Update 2205 and shows how to adapt your solution to your specific business needs.
Increase CX Efficiency and Generate new Insights using Unstructured Data
May 17, 2022
4:00 PM ‐ 4:30 PM CEST
Syskoplan Reply shows how customer experience can benefit from the use and integration of unstructured data. Learn how intelligent sales order creation and smart ticket handling can be integrated into existing solutions, and how processes benefit from fast, efficient and stable assistance. SAP Data Intelligence is introduced as the new solution from SAP to process and manage your data in a diversified landscape.
Improve your customer experience with the new SAP Service Cloud release 2205
May 12, 2022
9:30 AM ‐ 10:15 AM CEST
Syskoplan Reply takes a deep dive into the new features of the May release 2205. For Field Service Management, the experts present further developments of the Modal UI and new planning functionalities within the Service Map.
Telephone Integration in SAP Sales & Service Cloud
April 28, 2022
4:00 PM ‐ 4:30 PM CEST
The first customer contact is crucial. In this webinar we show how to retain customers in the long term by integrating the Amazon Connect phone widget with SAP Service Cloud. That provides an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that can accept both voice and chat requests. Syskoplan Reply presents the integrated telephone widget and its functionalities, answers initial questions and provides support in mapping the structures of your customer center.
Growth and Value Scouting
April 8, 2022
11:00 AM ‐ 11:45 AM CEST
In this webinar, the experts from 4brands Reply and Global Solutions Europe provide insights into best practices of Growth and Value Scouting from an IT and conceptual perspective including must-haves in times of inflation. The experts present a toolbox embedded in the revenue growth management process that provides short- and long-term transparency, shows causal relationships, focuses on the most important KPIs and ensures controllability even in these times.
Self-Service Analytics Platform for CX Data
March 31, 2022
11:00 AM ‐ 11:30 AM CEST
Syskoplan Reply explains all about the challenges of modern self-service analytics for business users. Learn about a cloud-based solution approach that enables you to perform data extraction, preparation and modeling, and learn how to create a data model in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.
Advanced Sales Forecasting with SAP Data Intelligence
March 29, 2022
4:00 PM ‐ 4:30 PM CEST
In this session, Syskoplan Reply demonstrates how Data Intelligence can be used to create accurate sales forecasts based on historical information from various data sources.
Intelligent Lead Generation
March 25, 2022
11:00 AM ‐ 11:45 AM CET
4brands Reply shows how you can use Artificial Intelligence to automate your search process for qualified gastronomy customers. Based on practical use cases, they demonstrate how to identify potential leads with significantly reduced effort, taking into account sales-relevant criteria of your existing customers. Benefit from the new possibilities of AI-driven lead generation and shape your future customer contacts profitably.
SAP Customer Data Platform: From Data Silos to a 360° Customer View
March 24, 2022
11:00 AM ‐ 11:30 AM CET
To stay competitive, it has never been more important to know your customers' needs in order to create personalized experiences. With the SAP Customer Data Platform, SAP offers a solution that collects, consolidates and analyzes transactional, behavioral, social media and demographic data from all systems in real time. Join this Syskoplan Reply session and learn about the advantages and strengths of SAP CDP.