AI Takeover: Fact or Fiction? How to build trust in AI

AI Takeover: Fact or Fiction? How to build trust in AI
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July 23, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST

AI Transformations

AI technology is set out to transform almost every industry, just as electricity did 100 years and computers 50 years ago. Unleashed by computing power, big data and deeper algorithms, AI is expected to create trillions of dollars in GDP growth across the globe within the next ten years. Despite the obvious potential to analyze and automate at large scale, concerns and reluctance to push AI initiatives beyond the proof of concept stage still remain.

Is the hypothesis of an AI take-over really likely? How valid is the risk of loss of control? How do we best manage the concerns and impediments that come with the technical possiblities?

Together with Cindy Chin, NASA Datanaut, serial entrepreneur and venture strategist and with  Dr. Claudio Huyskens, co-founder of, a Cologne-based AI / ML startup, Bahira Dakroury, Partner of Alpha Reply discusses some of the guiding opinions, risks and outlooks to AI Transformation at scale.

Why attend?

This Reply Webinar is designed to exchange different opinions on a current topic that impacts us all. Join this one hour talk and panel discussion:

  • Have an opportunity to learn more about the experiences the speakers had with AI transformations across different companies and industries at small and large scale
  • Learn about different approaches on how to best face the challenges and effectively build trust
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions This engaging online event gives insightful presentations and inspiring statements during the panel discussions with our guest speakers.


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