Business Process Intelligence - Sustainably Implemented

Business Process Intelligence - Sustainably Implemented
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July 30, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

Design your processes intelligently and sustainably

Business Process Intelligence - from process optimization and process mining as a project idea to laboratory-based operation and the Centre of Excellence (CoE) - we guide you on the long journey!

In this webinar, the experts from Sykoplan Reply show you the added value that Business Process Intelligence can create and present their project approach. Based on SAP Activate, they guide you through a seamless implementation from process modeling to process mining and automation. Their goal is to work with you to develop a transformation roadmap tailored to your needs. In doing so, they not only support you 100% in the project phase, but also help you to build a CoE and integrate it into your organization. In this way, you learn to design your processes independently and sustainably.

Be curious about our holistic approach to Business Process Intelligence and look forward to more exciting content from our Syskoplan webinar series.

Webinar Overview


  • Let us inspire you to design your processes in an intelligent and automated way.
  • Learn more about the advantages and possible fields of applications in Business Process Intelligence.
  • Find out what options you have to relieve your employees of time-consuming and recurring tasks by (partially) automating process steps - and how this enables free time for value-adding activities!


Lena Wuttke
Syskoplan Reply
Arben Neziri
Syskoplan Reply
Eduard Suppes
Senior Consultant
Syskoplan Reply

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