Consumer Centricity's Next Level

Consumer Centricity's Next Level
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July 22, 2020
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM CEST

Become Faster and More Customer-Centered

In this webinar, we are engaging the next stage of Consumer Centricity and how we can benefit from it in terms of money and customer loyalty. Design Systems form the foundation of this next digital paradigm, whose use cases are as numerous as their users themselves. "Customer centricity" has been on everyone's lips for over 11 years, but for most companies it's just another marketing buzzword, as products and services are still and too often implemented by decision makers whose opinions seem to be more important than those of the end user who is ultimately supposed to use the product. This era is finally, after a long time, coming to a dramatic end.

Change, based on customers’ expectations and operating patterns of the targeted application, are omnipresent parts of this transformation, even after release. Accordingly, teams must react faster and more customer-centered in all development phases - and across all departments, from designer to developer.

Why attend?

In this Webinar the Reply experts explore how design systems create added value along the entire value chain of a digital product or service and how interdisciplinary teams and our clients are necessarily moving closer together than ever before - even from remote.

Furthermore, we explore how data and context can ultimately define generative UI patterns for every target audience and why cost and effort for further development is being reduced the longer your teams work in these toolchains.


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