Improve your customer experience with the new SAP Service Cloud release 2205

Improve your customer experience with the new SAP Service Cloud release 2205
Event Info
May 12, 2022
9:30 AM - 10:15 AM CEST

Webinar Overview

In the major releases of SAP Service Cloud, including Field Service Management, new features are implemented which could directly impact your business. In this session the Syskoplan Reply experts take a deep dive into the new features of the May 2022 release (2205), analyze them from a business point of view and highlight business benefits which could be obtained by its adoption.

Get insights about SAP Service Cloud enhancements for the maintenance plan object, the improvements within the Agent Desktop, e.g. about the Channel Management, and the new machine learning functionalities. In addition, Syskoplan Reply will take a look at the outbound replication from Service Cloud to external systems and demonstrate the new filter functionality.

For Field Service Management, the experts from Syskoplan Reply present further developments of the Modal UI and new planning functionalities within the Service Map. In addition to various small improvements (e.g. in the area of translations), the new design of the Time & Material Journal is introduced. Don't miss these useful updates!

Why attend?

Join this Syskoplan Reply webinar to

  • check out the Maintenance Plan enhancement within SAP Service Cloud,
  • learn how to manage channels in the Agent Desktop and check out additional improvements within the customer hub,
  • get insights about the new machine learning functionalities within SAP Service Cloud,
  • discover the round-offs about the Registered Product replication triggers to external Systems,
  • get new insights into the FSM Modal UI,
  • learn about using the full functionality of the service map,
  • get an overview of beneficial administrational updates.

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