CX in Insurance - The Need for a Customer Data Journey

CX in Insurance - The Need for a Customer Data Journey
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December 9, 2021
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CET

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Have you ever applied for sickness benefit? Customer experience (CX) in this context is usually not remembered positively. But it is precisely such everyday processes that can be used to make a lasting impression on customers of financial service providers.

However, CX is only convincing when the corresponding data is correct. Data must be collected in real time, quickly and reliably qualified, as well as jointly evaluated - whether internal or external, current or historical, structured or unstructured. This requires a cutting-edge architecture in which CX software is enriched with ML/AI algorithms (including Natural Language Understanding) and other modular microservices, supplemented by user-friendly options for flexible mapping and interpretation of the data. The good thing is that such an architecture can be used not only as a basis for CX but also as a component for an enterprise-wide data strategy.

Why attend?

Join this webinar hosted by moresophy, Macros Reply and Syskoplan Reply and understand

  • that CX can be compelling for everyday processes when all aspects are considered.
  • how CX is possible with the combination of SAP Qualtrics, moresophy Contextsuite and Macros eWorkplace.
  • how this architecture opens up many more possibilities in business processes.


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