Increase CX Efficiency and Generate new Insights using Unstructured Data

May 17, 2022
from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM  

Data driven Customer Experience

Customer experience is driven by data, information and the knowledge of experts. Along the customer journey and points of interaction, data is generated in various forms, types and systems.

In this webinar, Syskoplan Reply shows how customer experience can benefit from the use and integration of unstructured data. Aspects and benefits will be examined along three specific scenarios: Learn how intelligent sales order creation and smart ticket handling can be integrated into existing solutions, and how processes benefit from fast, efficient and stable assistance. With competitive intelligence, new insights are generated based on acquired and processed data, leading to strategic advantage. SAP Data Intelligence is introduced as the new solution from SAP to process and manage your data in a diversified landscape.

Session Overview

Join this Syskoplan Reply Webinar and learn how

  • customer experience can benefit from the use of unstructured data.
  • data is generated along the customer journey and point of interaction.
  • existing processes in sales and service can benefit from data driven enrichment.
  • new insights are generated based on existing data.
  • SAP Data Intelligence is positioned in data management solutions.

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