MS Teams phone integration for SAP Service Cloud

October 13, 2021
from 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM  

Webinar Overview

The brand new integration of Microsoft Teams and SAP Service Cloud, which supports service agents in conversations with customers, is presented in this online session. The great benefit of this solution is that the call center employee is provided with all relevant information from the customer without any red tape. This way, the employee can focus on what the customer wants instead of figuring out who they are talking to. In addition, this seamless integration can help replace or extend rigid and expensive call center solutions with Teams, Microsoft's proven solution for modern communication and collaboration.

Why attend?

Learn in this session, hosted by the experts from Syskoplan Reply, how the integration of Microsoft Teams’ phone features with SAP’s holistic view on the customer streamlines optimises the communication processes - with great benefits for the employee and customer experience.

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