Tour Planning - Sustainability and Efficiency Gains through Route Optimization

Tour Planning - Sustainability and Efficiency Gains through Route Optimization
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November 15, 2022
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM CET

Improve your field service and environmental impact with intelligent route planning

Sales representatives in the FMCG sector have to visit several hundred retail stores regularly. Selecting customers with a high sales potential and planning efficient routes to them is challenging and time-consuming. They have to take a wide range of information, key figures and customer activities into account. Maintaining an objective overview of which customers should be prioritized in line with the manufacturer's sales targets is anything but easy. In addition, environmental protection also affects the consumer goods industry. Manufacturers are increasingly taking on the challenge of reducing their ecological footprint and, with regard to the field service too, reducing the kilometers driven to a minimum.

Tour Planning is the solution. To increase field service efficiency, reduce costs and minimize idle time, 4brands Reply developed the flexible tour planner, which optimizes and automates regular visit planning. Field service tours are dynamically adapted to constantly changing conditions and customer visits are prioritized according to urgency and probability of success. In this webinar, the experts from 4brands Reply show how sales representatives can optimize their visits in terms of the expected revenue and concentrate fully on their sales activities. Next to efficiency gains in the management of field service visits, the environment also benefits from reduced CO2 emissions.

Why attend?

Next to the greater efficiency in the field service, the experts from 4brands Reply show how to meet ESG challenges thanks to shortened travel routes and time and therefore decreased CO2 emissions. Check out how you can cut down on your mileage and increase sales at the same time.

In this webinar, we show you how the 4brands Reply Tour Planner supports you to...

... establish sustainable, future-ready field service in the FMCG industry

... visit the right customers at the right time and fully exploit sales potential

... take previously planned visits and current traffic data into account

...intervene manually at any time thanks to the flexibility of the solution

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