Sales Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud

Sales Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud
Event Info
October 19, 2021
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CEST

Webinar Overview

Sales Planning is a central, reoccurring part of the planning activities in every enterprise. Operative CRM systems often do not provide sufficient functionalities to fulfill all requirements of the operative sales planners. Therefore, sales planning is often done based on self-developed table based solutions that tend to generate significantly efforts and become erroneous with increasing complexity of the enterprise.

With the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), SAP offers a modern platform for BI, planning and prediction in the Public Cloud. Syskoplan Reply demonstrates in this webinar how the SAC can be used to improve the planning process and decrease recurring efforts and simultaneously improve planning quality.

Why attend?

In this Syskoplan Reply webinar, participants get an overview of the following topics:

  • How a cloud based platform for BI, planning and prediction can be used to lower planning efforts
  • The most relevant planning functionalities of the SAC
  • Sales planner interaction with SAC as part of the planning process
  • SAC combination with planning, BI and predictive capabilities
  • SAC support of the whole planning process
  • How SAC can be setup to replace existing planning applications

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