SAP AppGyver: SAP enters the world of no-code

SAP AppGyver: SAP enters the world of no-code
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March 17, 2022
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM CET

Accelerate Application Development

Nowadays, companies need to stand out from market competitors by flexible and customer-oriented processes more than ever. But especially in complex system landscapes long development cycles can be observed, which result in long reaction time for customers and high cost efforts for implementing new solutions. This can endanger the customer satisfaction as well as the company's general innovation capabilities.

With low-code/no-code the application development can be accelerated by visualized development platforms with pre-defined modules. These platforms do not only speed up the work of experienced professional developers, but do also enlarge the development capabilities by the so-called "Citizen Developers". This inclusion of IT-affine business or IT users increases the involvement of business departments and thereby success chances of the new application.

In this webinar, the Syskoplan Reply experts give a brief introduction to low-code/no-code and present the no-code tool SAP AppGyver, which was recently purchased by SAP and is now being integrated into the SAP universe. Using an integrative example, Syskoplan Reply demonstrates how an SAP AppGyver application can easily extend the SAP Service Cloud service process with a ticket self-service tool for customers without dedicated access to the system.

Session Overview

In this webinar, participants

  • receive insights into low-code/no-code application development,
  • learn about the opportunities of low-code/no-code applications,
  • get an introduction to the tool AppGyver,
  • discover the ticket self-service application as an integrative example of process extension with SAP AppGyver.

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