Self-Service Analytics Platform for CX Data

Self-Service Analytics Platform for CX Data
Event Info
March 31, 2022
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM CEST

Webinar Overview

In modern enterprises, the success of a business analytics platform depends to a large extent on its ability to flexibly adapt to rapidly changing market requirements and quickly respond to upcoming business issues.

However, enhancing analytic applications by loading additional data from new sources, applying necessary transformations and harmonizations, or updating data models in a data warehouse, are tasks that usually require heavy involvement of a company's IT department, tying up valuable resources and slowing down the process as a result.

In this webinar the Syskoplan Reply experts demonstrate how to enable business users to perform the above tasks independently - without the need for writing code - by following a self-service approach driven by SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Why attend?

In this webinar, participants

  • learn about the challenges and needs of modern self-service analytics for business users,
  • learn about a cloud-based solution approach enabling business users to perform data extraction, preparation and modeling,
  • learn how to create a data model in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud that can be used by a BI tool, e.g. SAP Analytics Cloud.

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