Why Metaverse and Circular Economy take your e-commerce to the next level

Why Metaverse and Circular Economy take your e-commerce to the next level
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September 27, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Metaverse & Sustainability – It’s a match

The e-commerce world is subject to a constant process of change. In order to offer customers a sustainable, personalized and exceptional shopping experience, it is therefore more important than ever to keep pace with the latest trends and technologies. The megatrends Metaverse and Circular Economy will have a lasting impact on e-commerce in the coming years.

The Metaverse offers a new virtual presence for digital commerce that combines previous traditional and digital commerce processes with customer experiences. In this webinar, the experts from SAP, Portaltech Reply and Syskoplan Reply will give an insight into how today's commerce systems, such as SAP Commerce Cloud, support the use of a new sales area.

Circular Commerce on a large scale is inconceivable without an e-commerce component. In this webinar session, the experts will explain how companies can already create circular added value today and show concrete approaches for a sustainable value chain.

Why attend

Join this webinar hosted by SAP, Portaltech Reply and Syskoplan Reply in order to
- get an introduction into Metaverse and Circular Economy
- get informed about general expectations in e-commerce for the coming years
- learn how commerce processes can be used in the Metaverse and circular added value can be created
- learn about the input Metaverse and Circular Economy provide to sustainability.


PHILIPP Do Castelo Correia
Business Development Specialist SAP Customer Experience
SAP Deutschland
CHristian Martens
Senior Manager
Portaltech Reply
Nicolas Schleemilch 
Syskoplan Reply

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